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I had given up. I had accepted that my £80 UK Vodafone K3565 Data Stick was about as useful as a paper condom. Here in New Zealand, I looked for unlock software on the internet, only to have intrusive browsers and unwanted software on my PC. I persevered. And then I found THIS tutorial .... IT WORKED!! Not only did it unlock my K3565 for use in New Zealand, but I can now use it on the New Zealand 2-Degrees 3G/GPRS network with a 2-Degrees SIM chip. So wrapped am I, I re-post it here as a "Screw you, Vodafone!"

Vodafone 3G USB K3565 Stick users: you might have noticed that the Stick doesn’t work upon inserting another provider's SIM. In addition, you might have noticed that the Stick also doesn’t work in another country - even with a local Vodafone SIM! It's a pity, because the K3565 Stick provides high internet speed anywhere within range of a GPRS/3G network. At the time of its release, with a top speed of 3.6Mbps, it was one of the best Huawei USB modems. This tutorial will show how you can use any SIM on the Vodafone USB K3565 Stick, in any GPRS/3G country, to access the internet. What’s more you can even make and receive voice calls, video calls from the Stick using the Mobile Partner software. All you need are a few tools and firmware. Although this post is specially written for Vodafone USB K3565 Stick, this tutorial works for all other Data Cards manufactured by Huawei (Idea Netsetter, BSNL 3G etc).

The Vodafone Mobile Connect (VMC) version of the Stick usually comes with VMC Lite software stored in the stick. When you insert the Stick into a USB slot in your PC, the VMC Lite software triggers your PC's Autoplay, asking you to run the software. Before implementing the steps in this tutorial, make sure your VMC Lite software IS installed. So, allow the Autoplay to run the setup file. If you can, make sure the Stick is working on the Vodafone Network of the country of purchase, even though the Stick will not provide internet connection in another country or with another supplier's SIM at this point.

The green or blue blinking light is your indication that, at least, the device is detecting a GPRS or 3G data network in your country, with the SIM you're using. However, your K3565 is still locked to Vodafone, the country of purchase, and even to the Vodafone of the county of purchase! See the Vodafone user guide HERE for details on what the respective lights tell you. This tutorial should leave your K3565 region-free and supplier-free! Follow these steps:


STEP 1 - Find the IMEI Number
First, find the IMEI number of the USB Stick. It's usually written on the USB Stick itself. If the IMEI number isn't written on the K3565 cover, you can use the DC Unlocker Client to find the IMEI number written inside the card on its firmware. Click HERE to go to, and download, the DC Unlocker Client software. Insert the K3565B in a USB slot in your PC. Once it's detected by the PC, run the DC Unlocker Client software to reveal your Stick's IMEI number. Copy and write this number down for use in STEP 3.

STEP 2 - Download the Unlocker Software
Download all the necessary software files and firmware from HERE, through the Reference site at the end of this post, or from Forums mentioned at the end of this post. Move them into a folder where you can see and run the files easily. If you download the software files from the Skydrive Live site (recommended), you should see three grey boxes, like this:

STEP 3 - Find the Unlock Code
You have the IMEI number. You now need to find the Unlock Code for your Stick. To do this, run the “Huawei Unlocker” software you downloaded. It should look like the screenshot below. Make sure you click on the "Huawei" tab, not the "Connection" tab. Type in the IMEI code in the box provided, then click the "Calculate Code" button to reveal the code. Copy or write down your newly-revealed Unlock Code.

STEP 4 - Unlock the Stick
Run the “CardLock UnLock” software you downloaded (screenshot below) and then type in the Unlock Code when you just noted down. Press OK and wait for the "Unlocked Successfully" message.

STEP 5 – Uninstall VMC Lite
This step is where you wish to use the K3565 for a SIM other than Vodafone, by uninstalling the VMC Lite software on your PC. The K3565 USB Stick is now unlocked but it won’t work just yet with another supplier's SIM. First, make a backup of the VMC Lite set-up files, somewhere accessible on your PC. This gives you the option to re-install VMC Lite in the future, in the event you may wish to use a local Vodafone SIM for broadband use. Now, uninstall the Vodafone VMC Lite software that comes with the stick. Only uninstall VMC Lite if you are NOT using a local Vodafone SIM.

STEP 6 - Flash the K3565
Now it’s time to flash the Data Card. Run the installer software “Mobile Partner UTPS16.”. The software will search and detect your stick (as in the screenshot below). Then, go through the Steps carefully and wait for the process to complete.

That’s it! Now open (run) the Mobile Partner software and you will be able to use the Stick with any supplier's SIM on their GPRS or 3G Network, in any supporting country. This is what your Stick will look like to your PC after Flashing:

Here's an example of the Flashed (unlocked) Vodafone 3G USB K3565 Stick working on the BSNL 3G network.

So if this worked for me, I hope it would work for you too. Caution: Try it at you own risk. I am not responsible for any damaged caused.

Reference Site:

Data Card Unlocker Forum


  1. Well ! unlock codes are the best way to unlock Vodafone k3565. It is available at
    Unlocking4u.com .

  2. works like a charm (after some headbreaking [my laptop has a built-in huawei chip too] )
    cheers for the good guide, greets from Belgium!

  3. is there anyway of getting the original firmware back if needed ?

    1. Not that I know of, sorry. However, I have this unlocked for a year-and-a-half now, and I've never needed to go back to the original firmware. Why would you need to? My K3565 will work in NZ AND the UK now. So, far from "losing" the original firmware, I feel I've actually enhanced it.

  4. i tried it but i failed. its giving me error messages saying: data card not found but lead me to that screen that says enter unlock code, and when entering the code it says open port failed. im stuck now,please help!!!!!

    1. first install the software from the stick then proceed with the steps above

  5. Thanks for such an amazing tutorial. Much appreciated is your time and effort on this.

  6. Hi there, I've completed above instructions and everything worked fine.
    Except now - everytime I put the K3565 in the PC - it recognises the dongle - but then I get the error from the Mobile Partner software saying: The SIM/USIM has not been detected or is invalid.
    No matter what I do - it just will not see my Huawei K3565 dongle.
    Using Windows 8.1 - I've even downloaded the latest 8.1 drivers from Huawei website - this made no difference.
    If this does not work - is there a way I can reverse what I've done and take it back to the Vodafone dongle - as it was before I did this????

    Many thanks - hope someone can help.

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  8. pls is not working out for me, vodafone k3565, help!

  9. De unde cumpar si eu un stick usb sant in Belgia

  10. Nice post dear. Please share latest version of Vodafone Mobile Broadband setup. waiting for your next post. Happy Blogging :)